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The Legacy of Korriphila: Celebrating Excellence in Craftsmanship

If firearms intrigue you, chances are you’ve encountered Korriphila, a renowned German brand known for crafting some of the world’s most distinguished pistols. Dive in to uncover the tale behind this illustrious brand and its genius creator, Edgar Budischowsky.

Korriphila’s Beginnings

Originating from the mind of Czech-born engineer and firearm innovator Edgar Budischowsky, who settled in Germany post-World War II, Korriphila is a testament to his profound passion and ingenuity. Among his creations, the TP-70 pocket pistol is a fusion of Colt and Walther’s designs. Originally crafted in Heidelberg, Germany, it was later embraced by Norton Armaments in Michigan, USA, rebranded as the TP-22 or “Budischowsky.”

Yet, the crown jewel of Budischowsky’s portfolio is undoubtedly the HSP-701. Patented in 1979 and manufactured in 1984, this full-size centerfire pistol precisely marries art. The HSP-701 promises unparalleled accuracy and reliability, standing out not just for its functionality but also for its impeccable craftsmanship.

“Korriphila,” derived from Greek, translates to “love of the fine.” A fitting name for a brand that prioritizes unmatched quality, performance, and aesthetics.

Spotlight: The TP-70 – Compact Elegance

Designed in the late 60s, the TP-70, available in either .22 LR or .25 ACP, is a marvel of simplicity and efficiency. Its lightweight design and blend of Colt and Walther features offer reliability and precision in a compact form. Its value goes beyond functionality; it’s a collector’s dream, especially the Korriphila and Budischowsky editions.

Masterpiece Revealed: The HSP-701

A brainchild of the late 70s, the HSP-701 epitomizes personal defense weaponry. Offering a unique roller-delayed blowback mechanism and available in a spectrum of calibers, its design ensures reduced recoil and increased accuracy. Every HSP-701 pistol was meticulously hand-built in Heidelberg, tailored to its owner, reflecting Budischowsky’s dedication to unmatched excellence.

Why Korriphila?

A statement of luxury and finesse, Korriphila pistols are masterpieces molded by expert hands. These are not mere firearms but a blend of art and engineering, destined to be cherished heirlooms. If you value unparalleled reliability, precision, and beauty in a firearm, Korriphila is your brand.

In Summary

Korriphila, synonymous with “love of the fine,” has gifted the world with two iconic firearms: the compact TP-70 and the majestic HSP-701. These creations mirror the brand’s commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship and performance, making them treasures for users and collectors alike.

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