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Korriphila HSP-701: A Masterpiece of Roller Delayed Blowback Technology

The firearms industry has seen numerous innovative designs, but few stand out as distinctly as the Korriphila HSP-701. Designed by Czech designer Edgar Budischowsky, the HSP-701 exemplifies the roller-delayed blowback mechanism and has become a pinnacle of firearm craftsmanship.

Understanding the Korriphila Roller Delayed Blowback

Roller-delayed blowback is a unique mechanism, with the HK P9s being another famous example. Yet, the HSP-701 showcases attention to detail and finesse that set it apart. The system’s design, granted in 1979, effectively reduces recoil and enhances the shooter’s experience.

The Legacy of Edgar Budischowsky and the Korriphila HSP

Edgar Budischowsky’s vision for the HSP-701 was the masterwork of the Czech gun industry. His dedication to precision and build quality makes this auto pistol a cherished item for collectors and shooting enthusiasts. Each Korriphila HSP is a testament to Budischowsky’s passion for firearms.

Key Features of the Korriphila HSP-701

  • Serial Number and Side of the Slide: Each HSP-701 is unique, identified by its serial number meticulously engraved on the side of the slide.
  • Field Stripping: Field stripping the HSP-701 showcases the intricate design and attention to detail that went into its creation.
  • Trigger Guard and Safety:** The trigger guard design is ergonomic, allowing for a comfortable and safe shooting experience.
  • Korth PRS & Geiger GRP: While the Korriphila HSP-701 remains a standalone masterpiece, its design and functionality have been compared to other industry giants like the Korth PRS and the Geiger GRP.

Why the Korriphila HSP-701 Outshines its Competitors

With only about 30 units produced annually, the HSP-701’s exclusivity is undeniable. But what truly sets it apart is its impeccable build quality. It is a testament to Budischowsky’s vision and the Czech legacy of firearm excellence. The HSP-701 offers unmatched precision and a remarkable shooting experience compared to its rivals.


In the vast landscape of firearms, the Korriphila HSP-701, with its roller-delayed blowback, stands as a beacon of design and functionality. From its conception by Edgar Budischowsky to its present-day acclaim, the HSP-701 is more than just a firearm; it’s a piece of art, history, and a testament to the power of innovation.

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