Merging Legacy with Exclusivity

The History and Origin

Immerse yourself in the rich lineage of Korriphila, born from a profound passion for precision.

The Budischowsky Legacy: Founded in the early 1980s by Edgar Budischowsky, the brand’s name weaves together the Greek words “Korri” (core) and “philia” (love), illustrating a deep-rooted love for accuracy and precision. Budischowsky’s earlier innovation, the TP70 from the 1970s, sets the foundation for Korriphila’s pursuit of firearm excellence.

Fast forward to the present, Korriphila unveils its latest masterpiece: the limited edition Korriphila. The new 2011.

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The Exclusive Korriphila Experience

Crafted for the discerning enthusiast, the Korriphila stands apart, marrying the history of the HSP-701 with modern innovation.

Unique Offerings of the Korriphila:

  • Match-Grade Precision: An expertly designed polygonal barrel ensuring the utmost accuracy.
  • Performance Excellence: A striker-fired trigger system complemented by a safety blade, delivering unmatched consistency.
  • Signature Craftsmanship: Constructed from the finest materials, its metal frame is a testament to Korriphila’s commitment to quality.
  • Safety and Control: Comes with an ambidextrous slide stop, magazine release, reversible magazine catch, and a Picatinny rail.
  • Exceptional Capacity: A double-stack design ensuring optimal capacity in the 9mm parabellum.

Limited Edition Enhancements:

  • Exclusivity: With an initial run of limited pieces available globally, ensuring a rare ownership experience.
  • Unique Packaging: Each pistol is presented in bespoke packaging, reflecting its exceptional status.
  • Certificate of Authenticity: An assurance of the pistol’s match-grade superiority and its unique position within the limited release.
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A select group of firearm connoisseurs will experience the Korriphila. Their reviews:

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